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Recording analog

Mixing Organic Media with Technology


Technology shouldn’t be looked at as “evolution.” It should be looked at as another resource or outlet. Organic media shouldn’t…
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Victory Swig and the Commanding Officers

My Band Version Upgrades


Originally I started Victory Swig as a music management company with my first client The Autonomics. After they were signed…
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I could have kept on going but I thought it was time to take a break and live with what I have done.

How Sharpie Art Changed My Guitar Forever


I’m not planning on selling or getting rid of my Breedlove Atlas Guitar. It’s been with me for the majority…
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Live Tweeting during your event

Get More Tweets During Your Event


Having a custom hashtag for your event is key for getting fans to compose tweets and interact. Imaging having audience…
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DIY Music Gear Security Thanks to My Brother


Sometimes the best ideas are sitting in your kitchen drawer. That’s the case for my brother, CTO and Founder of…
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You never know when you'll find a great Tom drum, keyboard and other stuff.

5 Great Things for Musicans at the Goodwill


Shopping at the Goodwill is a Musician’s Treasure Hunt There are a lot of incredible things you can find at…
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Social Media Tips for Musicians

5 Important Social Media Tips for Musicians


By day I’m a digital marketer for the tourism industry. By night I’m rocking the stage. Both worlds are very…
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Social Media Plan for your show

A Social Media Plan For Your Band’s Show/Tour


It’s absolutely necessary to promote your show or tour on social media. Running a smooth campaigns takes a lot of…
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