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Going Deep

Going Deep

I am really inspired by bands like The National, Real Estate and others who resonate ear-captivating harmonics and sounds, all the while having deep and dark lyrics.

At this point, Victory Swig is a solo act with collaborations. I primarily play at brew pubs and small venues. Things have really taken shape for me in this role. Breaking away with looping with harmonica, holding a head bouncing beat with the kick drum while a movie plays on the silver screen I bring on stage. I’m happy with the sound and gauging the tip jars, I think people enjoy it also.

It’s always been a race it seems for me. A race to get the music out there, the race to book shows, a race to be in the mix during festivals. I guess I felt as if time was limited but I’m rising above that notion.

There is nothing but time ahead for me. Maintaining a job, happiness in my marriage and raising my kids are my top priorities. I’m not too concerned about not being in the mix of local festivals, nor booking the bigger shows. I am; however, still very interested in writing and performing great music.  I’m going to start seeking other artists that feel the same way and like the idea of creating deep music. Keyboard players, strings, brass – Who knows? I’ll find it and it will be amazing.

I started my “deep” voyage this weekend with the writing of the song “Maraina.” Hope you enjoy it.

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